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ASP Message Board FAQ
Welcome to the ASP Message Board FAQ. In order to help new users of the board, this FAQ with provide useful feature explanations and answers to common questions.
How do I make a smiley face?
Smileys are a fun way to communication emotion to other board users. The stand 'Net standard applies on the ASP Message Board. So for example, :) would return and ;) would return . Below is a listing of all available emotion-icons on the ASP Message Board.
smile :) big smile :D
wink ;) tongue :P
sad :( shy 8)
I take offense to vulgar language. Is it filtered out?
That's a great question! Vulgar language is censored out by the ASP Message Board. The option is available for message board administrators to either allow all language in all posts or to filter out posts with a language filter. This filter is customizable by the message board administrator, so if you feel that a word is vulgar to you and the word is not currently being filtered, contact the message board administrator and ask them to filter the word(s).
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